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Insurance claims

Reliable Actions to take for Insurance Claims

Kouri Insurance Agency understands that filing an insurance claim is stressful. Our team of insurance experts is here to help you reduce the stress and get everything back in order. To this end, we've provided you with some steps that you should take when you need to file a claim.

4 Quick Steps to take when a Loss Occurs

1. Try to relax. Reducing the stress of the situation will make handling it much easier.
2. Make sure that everyone involved is alright.
3. Rest assured that your insurance company will take care of everything covered by 
    your policy.
4. Take precautions to prevent additional damage to your property.

Trust Our Complete Service

Policies always vary, so we encourage you to consult your agent with specifics about your situation. Our insurance experts will help you take the right steps for all of your insurance needs, including:

• Automobile claim
• About Rental cars
• Homeowners claim
• Filing your claim
• What to do after a loss
• Much more

What to do if You Need Immediate Cleanup

If you need immediate cleanup, we recommend the 24 hour services:

Intek (cleanup and restoration)
Insurance claim form
We're Experts in 
the Field!
Wow, I’m impressed. In all the years I’ve had insurance at different agencies, yours is the first one that has contacted your clients to say we’re here for you the morning after a storm."

 -Linda S.

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